FrSky VANTAC Express LRS ELRS 2.4GHz 868MHz Long

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Das Vantac ExpressLRS Lite TX-Modul ist ein 2,4G-Sendemodul, das auf dem Open-Source-Projekt Express LRS basiert.

Frsky Vantac 2.4GHz ELRS Tx Lite is a transmitter module for the ExpressLRS system for radios with a Lite shaft. ExpressLRS (abbreviated ELSR) is an open source project and the transmitting and receiving modules are manufactured by several manufacturers. Frsky Vantac is one of them. ELSR is currently one of the most advanced RC transmissions. It offers a reliable link for long distances, high refresh rate up to 500Hz, adjustable power, update via wifi and more. The 2.4GHz ELRS surpasses conventional RC systems at the same frequency in all respects, while maintaining short antennas.

ELSR has great community support. However, it is an open system that is evolving and changing rapidly. We therefore recommend ELRS to more experienced and technically proficient pilots.