Agfrc c037cls 3,7g geringes Gewicht 0.55kg / 0.06Sec Coreless Motor

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AGFrc C037CLS is a 3.7g super light weight digital micro servo. It has 0.06sec fast response and 0.55kg high torque at 6.0V. it is work well between -10 degree to 50 degrees. The combination with plastic gear and coreless motor, make it suitable for 1:35 Scale RC Cars and planes application.


High Performance Digital Servo

High Precision Plastic Gears

High Quality Coreless Motor

Maximum Travel Angle Up to 180 Degree

Ideal for 1:35 Scaler, 1S Powered Applications, Indoor 3D Flight, Small Park Flyers, RC Plane Helicopter Boat



Operating Voltage: 3.6-6.0 V

Operating speed: 0.080sec/60° @ 4.2V

Operating speed: 0.060sec/60° @ 5.0V

Stall Torque: 450 g-cm (6.2 oz-in) @ 4.2V

Stall Torque: 550 g-cm (7.6 oz-in) @ 5.0V

Motor type: Coreless

Gear type: Plastic

Size: 20.0*8.5*17.3mm (0.79 x 0.33 x 0.68 in)

Weight: 3.8g

Connector Wire: JR 150 mm